Friday, March 04, 2011

I'm Baaaaaaack

I am back, and of course, overthinking EVERYTHING.

It is so easy to get caught up in all the minutia of the everyday. When last I typed my life was a very different picture than it is today.

I was a stay at home wife working on selling my Mom's collectibles, and making my merry way along -- going to the gym, taking care of myself and Ken and living the Happily Everafter.

Today, I am a Director of Quality Improvement for a small hospital, working 10-12 hour days and barely keeping my head above water. What happened?

The last two years have been eventful to say the least.

I got a new job followed by a promotion, was diagnosed with and survived cancer (seriously, I am fine -- clear almost 2 years), went to Hawaii for our 4th wedding anniversary, had my Dad move in with us, and, and , and... Oh yeah, can't forget that we have started the adoption process. I will most likely set up a separate blog for the adoption thing -- but I PROMISE if you do not ask me about it, I will keep you all updated.

In the past few weeks, Ken has started up the collectibles thing again, so you can look for and ebay stuff announcements again too. I think we have decided that the $$$ for storage could be so much better spent somewhere else!

Now, back to my overthinking...
I need an outlet -- bottled up stress can be a killer. If I have followers it will make me happy and if I do not, well, it will bum me out, but I will survive to type another day. I will make efforts to be witty and charming, but bottom line is that my overthinking will be a source of ideas, randomness and, well, the rest is to be determined.


Anonymous said...

Love it!!

Kyria said...

You are crazy bad at this.