Monday, July 11, 2011


For some people it is illegal substances (crack). For some people it is legal, but illicit (cheating). For some people it is consumed (booze) . For some people it is observed (porn). And finally, for some people, it is plugge in (internet).

Addictions -- they come in various packages and have differing levels of complete domination.

I have watched my husband get increasingly addicted to being connected to the world around us. Wether it is through Twitter, Facebook, email, newfeeds and now Google Plus -- he must be connected. I swear, I think he white knuckles it when he has no signal or worse yet, when I take the device away (just to be cute).

I too struggle with my own addictions, though, so I must be careful -- those in glass houses and all... But I digress, my post is not about Ken's addiction to the internet (and no Kate Monster, it is not just for porn). This post is about the latest in a string of my addictions.

While I do not smoke, drink or do drugs, I DO play. First it was Tumble Bees on It is a super fun word game and a great way to work out my brain and pass time. Then came all the other games on the site -- Oh My Goodness! It may not be Call of Duty, but let me tell you, the little strategy games and puzzle games on this site had me from the get go.

I have since moved on -- fickle is me, you know. Once on Facebook, I was doomed. I left behind my Pogo and started playing the games on FB. Bejeweled -- oh my how you mesmerize. I played for hours on end, without even knowing it. The plink plink of the matches and the ex[plosions with the colorful graphics. How could you NOT?

Well, I have found a new addiction -- sorry Bejeweled. Angry Birds and Words with Friends are my crack and my iPhone is my pipe. To be lost in this place where the toughest decisions are which bird to send crashing into a brick wall, and should I use the double word or tripple letter tiles?

In a world where there are bills to pay, work to do and people to whome we must answer, it is so nice to just be lost, to get consumed in the nothingness. I love playing 2 tiles and getting 40 points, or hitting the pig at just the right angle and watching it implode.

I am sure there will be new games and opportunities out there soon, but for now, I am enjoying this addiction one finger tap at a time.

What are your addictions?

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