Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Introducing Ms. Lulu Barlow

There once was a woman, Lulu Barlow. She was an amazing woman; smart, funny. charming and vivacious! Lulu never met a stranger, and if she did, they were not a stranger for long. She had a zest for life, enjoying dancing, music, good food and an occasional white water rafting adventure.

Sounds like a cool chick, huh?

Lulu also had a passion for collecting, ummm, things. Lots and lots of things. Dolls, nick knacks, chachkis (sp?) stuffed animals -- she really had no prejudices. If it was collectible, she collected it. In fact, she collected enough to amass a collection large enough to occupy the entire inside of an 1800 sq ft house. The goodies she collected often substituted for friends socializing.

As gregarious as Lulu was, she sadly lacked the social life that she so totally craved. As a result, she found plenty of ways to fill that void. Delivery people were friends, phone operators were acquaintances, and dolls, oh the dolls -- they were her kids and grand kids.

While this may sound sad, really it was not. She lived every minute as if it were her last and when she left this earth, she did it with little regret.

Now... Lulu left behind this collection of treasures. I have been charged with said collection and its disposal, liquidation and disbursment. To reach this end, I have opened an eBay store, Lulu Barlow Collectibles and am in the midst of developing a website -- lulubarlow.com. You can take a look and see what Lulu has to offer and what tricks she has up her sleeve. New items are posted regularly. This way, not only is the collection being taken care of, but it gives us the opportunity to share Lulu with so many people. A piece of her was in each piece she collected, and now she can be with each person who has a part of the lot.

At last, Lulu Barlow is having the social life she wanted and the adventures of a lifetime.


Vegas Princess said...

I am so proud of you for doing this. What a wonderful way to honor your mother's memory! :)

Jennifer B said...

Your right! I love the new logo. So much your mom!! She would love it. You rock!! Great job on getting this all put together.

LoraLoo said...

I really love the look based on the picture you posted. How much do you rock? I know this has to feel good, this train is in motion!

Fred said...

Yeah, she does sound like a cool chick.

I tried the website, but it didn't work. Maybe you sold everything already?

Best of luck with the project is hope it's going, or has gone well.